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Best-selling author and publicity expert reveals the A to Z secrets that have gotten her national attention and free publicity – without hiring a PR firm for thousands of dollars each month!

Discover the Keys to Getting Free Publicity and
Becoming a Best-Selling Author!

If you’ve ever wanted to see higher book sales, you simply must read this letter as an investment in your future.

"It is rare that an author has the grasp of what it takes to sell their book other than a book signing. Because of your efforts, we have sold over 800 copies in 10 months of your book, and as you know, that isn’t just our putting the book on the shelf."
~ The Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, CO


If you think that selling a book is as simple as putting it in bookstores and on Amazon, come back when you realize that people don’t often buy books they’ve never heard of by authors they’ve never heard of. We’ll be waiting for you.

Join publicity expert Elizabeth Yarnell as she guides a select group of authors down the path to getting free publicity, selling more books, and bringing in more income during this unique publicity coaching opportunity.

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Sell more books.
We’ll take you through building both an online and offline presence so that you become known as the expert in your field, the “go-to” person for media interviews, and the author with the must-read book that shows up everywhere.

Get media attention.
Even fiction writers need good hooks to lure the media to their story. But what is a hook and how do you get one? We’ll take you there and work through it with you. Then we’ll show you how to take that hook and craft it into a pitch that the media will find irresistible.

Become known as the Expert.

There’s nothing that says “expert” as quickly as a good blog, but do you know what makes a blog a “must read”? And how do people find out about it and follow it? What is an RSS feed and how do you get one? We’ll show you how to make your blog the cornerstone of your online presence.

Find out about alternate streams of income.

Unless you’ve got the multi-million dollar book deal, or even if you do, you might be keenly interested in learning about ways to bring in money besides book sales. We’ll discuss other products you can sell that generate interest in your book AND bring in income immediately.

Learn how to drive traffic to your site.

There’s a right way to approach social network marketing, and a wrong way. We’ll take you by the hand and show you where you should have a presence and how you need to act once you get there so that people come streaming into your site, eager to buy your products.

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Does all of this sound overwhelming?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone to hold your hand every step of the way?

Well, now there is!

Join the Recipes for Publicity 8-week publicity coaching program and get:
  • Publicity coaching tailored for authors from someone in the trenches with you.
  • Weekly videos/webinars introducing each of the essential keys for success
  • Weekly coaching session teleconference
  • Unlimited email access for questions
  • Focused direction for your publicity efforts
  • An introduction and walk-through of online tools to minimize the fear factor

Registration for the current session has closed. Please be sure to sign up for the newsletter to hear of future classes and appearances.

Where else can you get this kind of targeted author coaching with the goal of increasing income?

  • You could join Steve Harrison’s Million Dollar Author program for about $4997, or his Quantum Leap coaching program for around $13,000.
  • You could hire a top-notch PR company for $2,500-4,000/month, usually with a minimum 6-month retainer fee.
  • You could hire a publicity coach one-on-one for around $5000 for around three months of coaching.


Everything in the 8-week Recipes for Publicity course is focused on positioning yourself to receive increased web traffic, more media attention, and better search engine results. And, of course, this all leads to more income for you.

Learn everything from how to position yourself as an expert in something – even if what you write is fiction – to which social networks allow you to market your book to their members, which should see your professional face, and which are appropriate for sharing more personal details and connections.

Let's face it: our trembling economy is making it harder to sell books. We're seeing smaller book deals, limited or non-existent promotional budgets from publishers, and lackluster book sales for anyone not already a celebrity. But you don’t need to be famous (or infamous) to leverage your exposure into an online presence that drives traffic right to your doorstep. Once you get all the pieces in place, visitors from all over the web will find you and buy your books and products. You just need to get all the pieces in place.

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with the level of professional instruction you can leave at any time with no penalty

Sign on with our partner, Waxcreative Design, and receive discounted rates as well as expert web design and assistance in realizing your print and online goals. (Contact Waxcreative directly for the code to receive the discounted price.)

Are you still not sure if this is right for you?

Will you be able to squeeze the course into your busy schedule?

Not a problem! Never worry about missing a coaching session as they will all be recorded, posted, and available on-demand for viewing at your convenience. Implement as much or as little as you choose out of the course materials. The more you do, the more money and internet traffic you will see, but it’s all up to you.

Do you really need this course now?

Only if you are ready to build your business and grow your income! This is an exciting time to be working online, especially in the new frontier of social network marketing. If you don’t do this now, you will be kicking yourself in 6 months.

Registration for the current session has closed. Please be sure to sign up for the newsletter to hear of future classes and appearances.

Sign up and you'll see:
  • More media attention in the form of print and on-air opportunities
  • A larger and more powerful sphere of influence online
  • More traffic to your website
  • More demand for your books and products

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